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Attending Galvanize Mastermind will give you the tools to earn $100,000 in 100 days with your existing clientele


6 Hours Of Private  Training With Van Mueller
Discover how Van Mueller consistently has people asking for his help, moving millions of dollars a month to his care, all without mentioning any products by name. Seating is strictly capped at 25 Advisors!
What To Expect?
An intimate setting filled with World Class Speakers, and other Advisors just like you who are looking to level-up their practice.
Mingle With Top Producers
Compare trade secrets and ideas that work with some of the best producers in the business.
Use Van's Tactics
Discover the same questions, words, phrases that Van uses and how to implement them into your practice.
2 Days 
With Van
Experience 6 hours of exclusive private coaching on how to gain new clients from industry icon Van Mueller.
Be On The 
Cutting Edge
Be the first to hear about cutting edge products, ideas, and services added to our platform.
Q & A
Finally get the answers that will help you unlock the barrier between your practice and success!  Van will answer all your questions in person.
A Few Words From Tom Hegna
Learn how to tell your story to make you magnetic to your prospects.
To increase your production, you Must work on your...

...Words, Language, Questions, And Story!

Give me an iPad, the internet, and 15 minutes, and I can figure out anything I need to figure out. A lot of people think this is a knowledge business. Well, I got news for you!

It's not a knowledge business anymore. This is a words business. This is a language business. This is a questions business. This is a stories business.
Previous Speakers At Galvanize Mastermind Include:

What Will You Learn?

Why Long Term Care Planning Is Your Ultimate Advantage

When working with your clients, you MUST address their biggest risks.  There are no bigger risks than Longevity and Long Term Care Expenses.  Learn how to solve these problems in a way that if the client never needs care, they will not have wasted a dime on premium.  

In addition, you now can use qualified dollars to solve the issues!  787 lawsuits were brought against RIAs and BDs in the last 12 months for failing to have a plan for LTC in place for the clients.  Do not be the next advisor sued.  

The best in the business will get you up to speed on how you can easily implement these strategies.

Why The Secure Act Is The Biggest Opportunity of your life

The Secure Act changed the way Qualified Money will be distributed forever.  This can not only ruin an estate plan, but cause the family to lose control of their taxation.  

Learn strategies to give the family back their control and make the biggest sales of your life!  Our exclusive offering will put you in a company of one against your competition.

Why A HELOC Should Replace Your Mortgage

We will share with you cutting edge strategies that will allow you to use your monthly cash flow to eliminate debt, build more wealth, and secure your future, all by how you park your paycheck every month.  

Your mortgage may be the biggest culprit hindering your future wealth.  Our strategies will improve your clients net worth.

Why You Must Understand The  Tax Code

Van Mueller will teach a Master Class on understanding the Tax Code.  The product you sell have the most favorable tax treatment in the world.  But what good does that do if you don't understand the tax code, or can't easily explain the benefits to your clients.  

You will be empowered to help your clients understand your unbeatable advantage.  

Why Everything We've Been Taught About Disability Is Wrong

Far more clients than we would care to imagine face some sort of disability during their working years.  A disability can ruin a family's financial situation faster than we can imagine.  

How can you use our resources to make sure your client's have the best representation should a disability arise?

Why You MUST Have An Expert Property and Casualty Agent On Your Team

The partnership you have with an expert Property and Casualty Agent can have a serious outcome for your practice.  

Not only are these agents being FORCED to sell Mutual Funds, Annuities, Life Insurance, and other financial products, but they are already in your clients' home.  Now, P&C Companies are opening their own RIAs to take away fee based assets.  

Now's the time to protect your practice and protect your clients from the P&C Agents in your community. 
You'll Learn the same questions Van Mueller Uses To Get  Appointments With 
Learn How Van Closes Most Sales In 15 Minutes!
Normally Van has 60 minutes to deliver his messages. He has agreed to spend 2 days taking a deep dive to share all of his best material and expertise at this exclusive event. 

 Van will be with us all 3 days (including golf on Saturday) to allow for one-on-one conversations specific to your practice and plenty of time for group discussions.  

These questions earn Van Mueller over 
$1 million dollars every year.

It will be impossible to leave this event without having sales identified within your book of business. You will be able to close sales using Van's proven techniques the moment you return home. Don't Miss This Event.
Galvanize Your Practice
Be The Go-To Advisor In Your Area
Become Your Client's Protector
Most of your client's are trusting you to make their retirement dreams come true. But you and I both know, we don't control the markets. 

Discover how we can give your client everything they want without loading their portfolio with kryptonite!
Featuring Your New Coach:
Van Mueller
  • Industry Legend
  • 2010 Senior Marketing Advisor of The Year 
  • ​Main Platform Speaker
  • ​Top of The Table Qualifier for 29 Years Running
  • ​Trainer To Top Advisors Worldwide

Galvanize Success Stories

"The solutions I learned at Galvanize allowed me to literally create cases out of thin air within my book of business.  I had no idea the potential I had within my book of business.  It was always a struggle to find new clients in my small town and to find the marketing budget to make it happen.  Now, the cases I have made have me on my way to well over $100,000 in commissions within 90 days, and it's not going to slow down.  I have found the way to make sales in my existing book and use some of the commissions to fund any marketing I want to do to attract new clients.  But with Van's questions, I can get appointments without even marketing."

- TC | Wisconsin

"After leaving Galvanize I closed my first case within 2 weeks.  The case was for a $100,000 annual premium.  I've never sold a case so large, and can't believe how easy it was.  Without Galvanize, there would have been no way the client would have committed so much to the solutions.  I have several additional cases in underwriting as we speak.  I've sold life insurance and annuities for years and never realized any of this was possible.  The questions and solutions are second to none."

- MG | Texas

"I didn't realize the gold mine I was sitting on within my existing book of business.  I've gone 2 for 2 on my appointments and the sales have accounted for over $90,000 of commission from my existing clients.   I have the ability to put the same solutions in front of a few hundred more of my clients and I'm convinced the outcome will be the same.  The questions I learned from Van made the conversations so easy the clients sold themselves.  Van and John have changed my life."

- MT | Arizona

Hurry! Galvanize Mastermind Event Arrives In:
Our 4 Pillars Of Galvanize
Become The Go-To Financial Practice In Your Area
Trust Building
Moving someone from "I need to think about it" to "Where do I sign?" is an art built squarely upon trust.

Sales Skills
Learn how to effectively move your prospect down the path without embarrassing yourself.

Effective Marketing
We will teach you how to manage your marketing bankroll so your marketing expense becomes a profit center.
Business Planning
Building a successful practice that doesn't suck the joy out of your personal and family life is challenging. 
Become The Trusted Financial Advisor In Your Community
John Oldham, Founder 
If you want to have the confidence that you are on the right track to becoming the most trusted advisor in your town, then this is the most important event you will attend all year!
If you desire to have a practice that creates the income you imagine so you can live the lifestyle you've worked so hard for, or even if you just want to remove the stress of constantly having to spend time searching for clients to "just get by", then listen up! 
Here's why...
Because in today's competitive market being the trusted, professional financial advisor can be the difference between getting all the best clients in town or fighting for the scraps that the top advisors leave behind. 
Learn the secrets that the most successful advisors in the country already know so you to can be financially stress free while having a practice that you actually enjoy!
Stop Competing For Clients In The Already Bloody Red Ocean
Are you fighting it out for clients using the same marketing techniques, speaking the same jargon, and getting the same less-than-stellar results?

There are lessons to be learned from those Advisors that have completely shifted the way they do business into a wide-open blue ocean with no competition. 

Get the clients you want, work a business that you love, and make 10x to 100x the income of those Advisors fighting it out in the red ocean.

NOW is the time to decide!

Are You Going To Keep Getting Bloodied Fighting for "Success" Using Methods That Are SUB-OPTIMAL?


...Are you willing to explore the ways to create your own unlimited market in the Blue Ocean with the other elite advisors?
I Didn't Think It Was Possible, Until I Saw It With My Very Own Eyes.
I Was Forever Changed...
You may THINK this kind of success isn't possible. I understand... 

You are a product of your environment. I remember my days of working in captive insurance companies and getting Top Producer Awards for making $100,000 a year or less.  

I was being awarded for being the big fish in a very small pond. It wasn't until I met some new friends that are making $1-$10M a year in their practice, all across the country, in the same small towns, by working smarter, not harder, when my mindset completely changed. 

These advisors are bringing in over $100M per year of new assets, and selling $25-$30M per year in annuities. 

Yes, these are real Advisors just like you, that started out in the business like you did, and have found the secrets to building a business that many Advisors would say is impossible.   
  • Learn From Top Producers
  • Key Stories, Words, and Phrases That Close Business
  •  Lively Discussions & Case Studies
  •  Fresh Ideas From An Industry Thought Leader
  •  Automated Marketing On Your Budget
3 Big Ideas Revealed At Galvanize Mastermind
1. Learn 3 Simple Things That Advisors Who Make $1M+ A Year Do Differently Than You
Taking your practice from $100,000 a year to $1,000,0000 a year is less difficult than you think.  We have seen it done hundreds of times and know the key, simple, things that Million Dollar Advisors do differently than average advisors.  
2. Learn How To Make $10,000 EVERY MONTH With Just 3 Minutes Per Appointment.
What if I could show you how to make thousands of dollars every week with a super easy concept that virtually every prospect needs and you didn't even realize you could provide for them?

I have shown agents how to make $100,000 a year they have been leaving on the table and how to that money to create a marketing machine for their business.  This one concept has changed more practices that I can count.  Stop leaving money on the table. 
3. Learn Why You MUST Have a Team of Experts At Your Beck and Call in 2020 and Beyond
Nobody is going to expect you to know EVERYTHING.  But, in order to be a World Class Advisor you must have a team of experts that will make you look like a superstar no matter what the client (or their referrals) throw at you.  

Concierge for Advisors has built a network of the Best in the Business in their individual fields to allow you to shine no matter what your client needs.  Better yet, we have a system in place to allow you to access our experts in 3 ways. 

 We can either Train You, Do it With You, or Do it For You.  You choose for yourself on a case by case basis.  No matter what, you will always be expertly represented with your clients and remain in complete control of the client relationship.  We Guarantee It. 
"I've known Van for 17 years... 
and everytime he speaks I make at least $20,000 within the next week from my existing clients."
-John Oldham
Don't Forget Our Fun Factor
It's not all business.  To break things up, we offer several entertaining events throughout the days.
Schedule will include:
  • THURSDAY EVENING:  Bocce, Dinner
  • FRIDAY EVENING:  Group Activities, Food, Drinks
  • SATURDAY: (Optional) Golf Outing at Superstition Mountain CC
WARNING!!! Don't Miss Your Chance...
...To Spend Two Days Learning From A Top of The Table Producer and Industry Innovator That Will Change The Trajectory Of Your Practice.
Join Me To Learn How To Be The Trusted Advisor In Your Community

Join Me To Learn How To Be The Trusted Advisor In Your Community
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Don't miss this opportunity to improve your practice and increase your income without having to spend money you don't have.  We will show you first how to increase your income for FREE, then how to take those earnings and significantly grow your practice! 
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Don't miss this opportunity to improve your practice and increase your income without having to spend money you don't have.  We will show you first how to increase your income for FREE, then how to take those earnings and significantly grow your practice! 
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